Moly what? Fortune telling with silver and how we create our Waterfall range

For thousands of years originating in Ancient Greece, people have tried to predict their future and tell their fortune using an ancient form of divination called molybdomancy.  Originally a small amount of lead or tin was melted and dropped into water and the result analysed either directly or by holding the result up to the light. A ball means that luck is coming, a bubbly surface refers to money and a cross can mean death.

For me though, dropping molten silver into water is an opportunity to take something formed totally organically and pretty much without control (challenging my OCD and natural desire for the simple contemporary look) and make something unique, beautiful and wearable.

Not only is it very therapeutic and prehistoric in creation (lots of fire and water) as you never know what's going to come out it also requires time to look at, think about and then take the output and design around it and enhance it's beauty.

The Waterfall 'Golden' Necklace sat on my workbench for 3 months and there were a number of times I thought I might just melt it down again and start from scratch then a little further playing with fire brought the gold colour to the surface and transformed it from ordinary to stunning and of course totally unique. 

Sometimes you just get little balls of silver which we use to create our Waterfall Droplet earrings..they must be lucky and I have a nice collection of long thin random strips that are currently being designed as a 'spiky' Waterfall bangle... if I can ever make my mind up as to whether it should be concave or convex.

I'm not sure if these will really make my fortune but I'm certainly enjoying making them.


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