Sustainability and ODDIE & HOPE

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our Core Values

We design jewellery that is 'sustainable' - designed to be worn and later recycled

Our metals are exclusively recycled

 - We only purchase recycled silver from our suppliers who guarantee it has been made from recycled silver

 - We recycle our own silver either from our 'scraps and leftovers' or from old and antique pieces that no longer have a modern day use


Gemstones are repurposed or ethically sourced

 - Our repurposed gemstones are purchased from auctions of old stones or removed and re-used from old jewellery

 - Gemstones obtained for specific purposes only come from suppliers who are sourcing them ethically and clearly have their own ethical policies in place

We utilise second hand tools

- Most of our tools including hammers and pliers are purchased second hand either from eBay, Facebook Marketplace or Jeweller Facebook 'de-stash' pages.  We look after them so that they will last a long time

- we repurpose tools that are wearing out into new tools; drill bits and old mandrels are made into new 'pushers'

- we 'make do and mend' - making sure tools are maintained and polished when they're getting scratched

Final Touches

 - our boxes are made from recycled box board and is FSC approved

 - our tissue paper is made from recycled paper

 - our ribbons are made from recycled plastic bottles or wood pulp

 - our box labels can be recycled

- our postage packaging is re-used from other deliveries

We can and will do more

 - we will continually look to improve and reduce our carbon footprint; we usually drive to shows and events and many of our consumables such as drill bits and polishing mops 'wear out'. Our boxes still have foam in them. BUT.. we are always looking for new suppliers who can improve the environmental impact of our industry - even if it costs a little bit more.  We hope you approve!