Do you have a special event coming up or have you ever wondered what to do with your old jewellery, either single earrings, a broken necklace or something that you inherited but is sitting in your loft/cupboard no longer worn and a little unloved?

Please find some examples below where we have worked together with clients to come up with something really special and a little unusual but totally unique.

If you'd like to know more please get in touch!

 The Gold Cuff

Our client had inherited gold jewellery from her mother and wanted a reminder that she would wear everyday.

We met and discussed a design and took a look at everything. Some items were 'rejected' just in case she changed her mind.

Each piece was then reviewed for its finesse, whether it was even gold or not and sovereigns checked for their date to make sure they could legally be repurposed.

Precious stones were removed as was any stainless steel (catches have stainless steel springs in them!). Then everything had been checked with magnet to check that only gold was left.

The gold was then weighed to make sure that there was enough for the design plus 10%, wich gets lost generally on casting

Everything was the melted in a furnace and then the bangle cast in Delft clay to create a rough bangle and ring. The sprue's were then cut off andboth were then re-fitted to make sure that they would fit.

Finally the design took shape through removing excess metal, shining some edges and then polishing. The excess gold was then used to create the matching ring (and the excess of that some little drop earrings)

Sarah  delighted (she cried) and said that each 'bump' represented the elements that had been melted. 


The Hall Wedding Ring

This gorgeous wedding ring was created from an inherited gold charm bracelet full of tags with the names of every child, grandchild and new spouses. The gold was melted, cast and then sent for assaying in London and hand engraving by O'Connells in London with the wedding date. It's lovely that the youngest grandson will be able to look at his ring as a lasting reminder of his granny.


 18 Carats for an 18th Birthday



This gorgeous 18 carat gold version of our Luna ring was commissioned for an 18th birthday present. Totally unique as each Luna ring is handmade and the holes are all randomly placed.

She’s never taken it off apparently and has worn it to school, clubbing and during her gap year to Bali, Switzerland and Thailand! 

If you’d like something similar or just a gold version of our pieces please contact us.


Emeralds for a May Birthday and the Launch of 'Moonscape'

Andi and I met up for coffee at Gails Bakery (!) to discuss a present for his wife's 50th birthday. We talked through my 'style' and his ideas and came up with an design which was then created in wax. This was the spaces for all of the stones could be planned into the design. It was then cast.

Once cast, the ring was set with 6 Emeralds in the hollows of the design and the bangle with 20 moss and bright emeralds, 2 pink sapphires (representing their daughters) and a single bright diamond.

Photos were sent throughout the process so that he could feel involved and know that things were progressing on time.

And she loved them!

Lesson learnt: make sure when you are using one of your wives rings for sizing that it is still one that fits.

 The beauty of Moonscape has become a popular product for Oddie & Hope and is now available for general sale with either no stones at all or a choice of gemstones.