About Oddie & Hope

 Oddie & Hope is the brand of jewellery designer and silversmith Dominy Hope.  Having worked in large corporations internationally and with a lifelong love of jewellery and not much time to spend with her family she took the jump six years ago to bring her business acumen together with her love for design to re-train and create Oddie & Hope.

All of her jewellery is made in her workshop in Surrey, her silver and gold is all recycled and her gemstones are re-purposed or ethically sourced, trying to make something wearable and modern from an object going dusty on a shelf or in a cupboard.. So those earrings? Possibly an old silver spoon handle and that beautiful cuff? An old silver platter. 

She also utilises very traditional skills especially molybdomancy - dropping melting silver into water - to enable her to create some truly beautiful and unique items, often geometrical, usually with a twist.

Dominy is based in Surrey and loves to spend her time walking the beautiful Surrey Hills or visiting the North Cornwall Coast with her family... before they're too grown up! Her inspiration is all around such as her acorn earrings which are designed on the acorns found at Puttenham Heath Common.

We hope you love our designs, we try to be different, special and unique. To make something truly loved by you. Thank you for looking.