Why Randoms?

We love these easy to wear necklaces and earrings and so do our friends! Inspired by Sarah (you know who you are!) who likes things just 'slightly different to everyone else' and 'absolutely not on the high street'!  They needed to be hardwearing enough for every day whether at work or out,  affordable as gifts (teachers, friends and family) and as always with us handmade and unique.

So we got thinking and decided against my OCD tendencies to create a range that 'created themselves'. OK, so we sort of sized the silver similarly, and sort of rounded them before soldering the ends and sort of filed them and then left the roller to do the rest before polishing them for sale. So they're completely random or 'not quite..' by design! Simple, beautiful, unique and something to make you smile.

We're never quite sure what shape will emerge and it's certainly fun trying to somewhat match themas earrings.  We're possibly lucky that it is so fashionable to wear dis-simiilar earrings.

Our first batch sold out before they even reached the website. We love these and we're sure that you will too... so much so that we're sure that they'll be the earrings you reach for from bed even before your iPhone X! Enjoy.

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