Something old... something new

I'm very lucky.  I have a brother who buys and sells vintage and old glass, cutlery and sometimes jewellery.  He also has lots of old silver which he is quite happy to let us take directly from him to create into something modern and wearable.

It might be an old silver bowl or silver service - you know the ones - like your Grandmother had on the side and you maybe inherited but don't really know what to do with.

Using old silver actually gives us an opportunity to make something new and bring memories alive again.

This ring was created from two old silver spoons and a silver service.  Using a simple ring wax cast but then adding texture into the clay before hand casting meant the the ring was totally unique and almost irrepeatable. The stones were then set into the most appropriate dips in the cast, the outside was hand polished to a mirror shine and the edges rubbed to shine and reflect the outside.

A truly beautiful and unique piece that will now be worn rather than something sat in a cupboard gathering dust... and an absolute pleasure to create!

If you have some silver or gold you don't know what to do with but would like to make something new from old - why not get in touch to discuss some ideas.

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